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Thiết bị kiểm tra đèn pha NHD-6108

Mã sản phẩm:
Nhà sản xuất:
Số lượng :

With new technology  of CMOS machine vision camera and  high-speed  DSP  (Digital  Signal  Processor),  all parameters  of  high-beam  and  low-beam  are  tested accurately and automatically .
With  strong  software  functions  and  LCD  display , inspection,   calibration  and  adjustment   can  be completed quickly .
Using  technology  of  light  image  alignment,  external interference  can  be  eliminated,  accurate  and  fast follow-light  aiming  is  ensured,  high-beam  /  low-beam inspection takes only 40 seconds.
It  is  especially  suitable  for  inspection  stations  for testing  two  headlights synchronously ,  efficiency  can be improved,  two-headlight  synchronous  inspection  takes only 25 seconds.
Adopting  frequency  conversion  driving,  horizontal movement is steady and reliable.
Equipped  with  multi  inspection  mode  settings,  stand-alone  or  upper  computer  can  be  selected,  networking is convenient, flexible and practical.
With  function  of  online  adjustment  and  inspection, different customer requirements can be met.
Measuring Range
Light Intensity: 0 ~ 120,000cd
Deviation of Optical  Axis:
Up 1o 30   Down 3o
(up 25cm/10m  down 50cm/10m)
Left 30   Right 30
(left 50cm/10m  right 50cm/10m)
Inspection Distance:  1m
Measurement Accuracy
Light Intensity of High Beam:  ±12%
Central Height of Head light:  ±1cm
Optic Axis Deviation of High-beam:  ±12'
Optic Axis Deviation of Low-beam: ±15”
Power Supply:  AC220V ±10% 50Hz ±1Hz
Dimension: 850mm(W)  1,550mm(H)  670mm(D)

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